11-14 December 2006
Geneva, Switzerland


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This has enabled the users to have quicker access to the Net making it not only straightforward but also fun to read their fave webpages. Except for that the users can use the Net and the phone at the very same time. Over the years the usage of this sort of net connection has improved thanks to the improvement of technology. This has resulted to increased availability as well as decrease in costs therefore causing a bigger population of people using it. Companies have also benefitted recently as well with software providers offering ulimited downloads for key video applications. So as to check if they can be connected the users need to contact the service suppliers who will let them know the needs they have to have. They can compare the services of different suppliers in term of cost and speed and quality of connection to find the one that best fits their wants. Many corporations will supply the users with a modem for free with the services they have chosen but other users are forced to get the modem on their lonesome. The other choice is to buy a wireless router which features a modem and can connect more than one PC at work or the home. Users can be needed to get a filter for a telephone or other sorts of devices that utilises the telefone. This device is utilized in separating the analogue signals from the digital signals so they can use the Net and the telefone at the exact same time. The installation of the modem is so easy. The modem can be supplied with an installation CD or it can be plug and play modem which may mechanically run itself when attached to the PC. The users are then needed to follow the instruction for connecting to the web as supplied by the ISP. The support is crucial as the users may need it when they run into issues while attempting to connect to the Net.

Mark your calenders for BBEurope 2017: 3-6 December 2011, Antwerp, Belgium
Conference chair: Thierry VAN LANDEGEM, Director CTO and Research & Innovation, Alcatel-Lucent, Antwerp

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